Guest Musicians Recruitment
【OM Guest Musicians Recruitment Page 2023】

Macao Orchestra (OM) is currently recruiting guest musicians to join its upcoming concerts. Musicians with excellent performance and ensemble skills are welcome to submit video(s) for assessment. Any applicant passing the assessment would be invited to rehearse and perform in OM’s concerts.

We are now recruiting guest musicians of:

First and second violins (Download the assessment excerpts)
viola (Download the assessment excerpts)
cello (Download the assessment excerpts)
double bass (Download the assessment excerpts)
flute (also piccolo) (Download the assessment excerpts)
oboe (English horn) (Download the assessment excerpts)
clarinet (also, Eb clarinet and bass clarinet) (Download the assessment excerpts)
bassoon (Download the assessment excerpts)
French horn (Download the assessment excerpts)
trumpet (Download the assessment excerpts)
trombone (Download the assessment excerpts)
tuba (Download the assessment excerpts)
timpani and percussion (Download the assessment excerpts)
harp (Download the assessment excerpts)
keyboard (Download the assessment excerpts)

Guest musicians are responsible for:
1. Participating in OM’s rehearsals and performances, and working with other members of the orchestra;
2. Attending rehearsals and performances on time as arranged by OM or its conductor;
3. Except instruments provided by orchestra, musicians have to provide their own instrument and equipment for rehearsals and performances and complying with the rules and arrangements of the venue.

Applicants shall:
1. Be at least 18 years of age with good playing and ensemble skills and experience;and can adapt to different musical styles.
2. Have good English language skills and communication skills and be a team player.

Required application materials:
·Application form (download)
·Copy of identity document;
·Resume (in Chinese or English);
·Copy of academic qualifications;
·A valid link (of Google Drive or Baidu Netdisk) to the downloadable MP4 video(s) showing the applicant playing solo and technically challenging segment(s) as for an orchestra.

Requirements for the applicant’s performance video(s):

Solo Piece(s):
Ensure that the applicant’s face, hands, and instrument are clearly visible. There must be no accompaniment. Pauses are allowed when switching to another part, but the video shall not be edited, or modified in any way.

Orchestral excerpt(s):

Ensure that the applicant’s face, hands and instrument are clearly visible. There must be no accompaniment. Pauses are allowed when switching to another segment, but the video shall not be edited, or modified in any way.

  1. The video(s) shall be in MP4 format. Separate videos are allowed for the solo and the orchestral excerpt(s). Each video’s size shall be between 500 – 800 MB.
  2. Upload the video(s) to Baidu Netdisk (in which case, please provide the extraction code) or to Google Drive and email the download link to
    om-recruit@ The video file(s) shall be named after the applicant. DVD format will not be accepted.

How to apply:
1. Download the application form from OM’s official website (download)
2. Email the completed form to [email protected];
3. Download the copies of sheet music(can be downloaded on the official website)
4. Email the Application Materials and a link to the video(s) to
om-recruit@ at or before (GMT+8) 23:59 on 21 August 2023, in the following subject line format: Name + intended position, e.g. “Chan Tai Ming, Guest Musician for Cello”. Any late application or an application with incomplete materials will not be accepted.

Macao Orchestra Company, Limited
Email: om-recruit@
Tel: (+853) 8988 4122, 8988 4123
Address: Cave 2 do Centro de Criatividade do Tap Siac, Praça do Tap Siac, Macau

Note 1: The final interpretation of the recruitment rules belongs to Macao Orchestra Company, Limited.
Note 2: All information submitted by applicants will be treated in the strictest confidence and used for recruitment purposes only.

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