Yung Tsangshien ( Chef de Naipe-Fagote )

Born in Hong Kong, Yung Tsangshien learned her skills from Taiwanese maestro Hsu Chia-Chu at the age of 11. When she was 13, she studied in the National Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome. Upon graduation, she worked as a teaching assistant in the school for two years and earned a diploma in chamber music performance there.

In 1992, she was conferred first runner-up in the Turneo Internazionale di Musica, an international bassoon music tournament. In 1993, she assumed the role of Principal Bassoon of Orchestra del Lazio following assessments, whereby she became the first Chinese Principal Bassoon in Italy as well as the first female Principal Bassoon in Italy. Then she studied under Sergio Azzolini, a world-famous virtuosic soloist in Basel, Switzerland to finish a performer diploma in 1999. Yung was also invited to perform with renowned orchestras in Italy and Europe, including Rome Opera House (Teatro dell’Opera), RAI National Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Toscanini, Italian International Orchestra (Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia) (Italy), Genova Opera House, Lugano Radio Orchestra (Switzerland), etc. She has performed in Europe, America and Asia in recent years.

She joined the Macao Orchestra as Principal Bassoon in 2010 and has taught in Macao Conservatory since that year.