Wang Yue

Born in 1986, Wang started learning the violin from childhood. In 1998, she was admitted to the affiliated secondary school of the Central Conservatory of Music under the guidance of Professor Liu Xiaolong.

She was granted a scholarship on several occasions for her outstanding achievements. In 2004, attaining the highest score in violin, she was recommended for admission to the String Department of the Central Conservatory of Music to study violin, and was accepted as a student by famous violin educator Professor Lin Yaoji.

During her studies, she has insisted in leaning ensemble and taken many classes given by different masters. In the reporting concert of the 1st Sino-German Chamber Music Master Class, she gave finale performance and was praised as ‘one of the exceptional young musicians who play touching music’.

In 2008-2010, she joined the training programme of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Wang has been a musician with the Macao Orchestra since 2010.