Kai Sai ( Principal Oboe )

Kai Sai started to study at China Central Conservatory of Music at a very young age, and then continued his studies abroad in the United States, England, Germany and Austria. She won prizes in the 1st China Woodwind Chamber Music Competition in 1997, the Isle of Wight International Oboe Competition in 2001, Yugoslavia’s International Young Musicians Competition in 2002, Finland’s Crussel Oboe International Competition in 2005, the Isle of Wight International Oboe Competition in 2005, and association award of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra in 2009.

Kai served as principal oboe for the Southern Denmark Symphony Orchestra in 2005-2013, and acted as principal oboe for China NCPA Orchestra in 2010-2014. From 2006 to 2011, he held the post of principal oboe at Asia Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a soloist, Kai has performed concerts with various orchestras, including the Southern Denmark Symphony Orchestra, China NCPA Orchestra, German Thüringen Philharmonic Orchestra, U.K. Bournemouth Sinfonietta, Czech Cappella Ispolotina, Litauischem Kammerorchester, Poland’s Aukso Chamber Orchestra, Asia Philharmonic Orchestra, Worldwide Chinese Festival Orchestra, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, and EOS Orchestra, etc.