Outreach Activities

In order to deepen members’ understanding of classical music and give them close contact with different musicians, the Macao Orchestra will organise different activities from time to time. Members can pre-register via our official WeChat account or email. Activities include:

  • Masterclasses
  • Meet the artists
  • Sharing sessions by musicians
  • Open rehearsals
  • Pre-concert talks


▲OM Little Reporter

Macao Orchestra little journalists can have close contact with musicians, interview conductors, section principals and instrumentalists of the Macao Orchestra, and share what they have seen and heard on social media through videos, text and images from different perspectives.

  1. The Macao Orchestra will recruit Macao Orchestra little journalists via our official WeChat account or email from time to time.
  2. Members should first register as little journalists, and then write relevant interview articles based on the requirements of the Macao Orchestra within the specified period of time and email them to [email protected]. Upon approval, the articles can be published through members’ social media accounts.
  3. After successfully publishing the article, members shall take a screenshot and email it to [email protected].
  4.  The Macao Orchestra will notify members to collect the “Musical Coins” in person at the concert or in the office.
  5. Members can only receive “Musical Coins” once for interview articles for the same concert.

Upcoming Activities