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Rhythm in your Rubbish

*Due to the impact of novel coronavirus pandemic, many performers will not be able to visit Macao. The concert will be cancelled.

Date: 13-3-2021 Saturday 8pm

Venue: Macao Tower Auditorium

Conductor/Francis Kan
Production/Platypus Theatre

Francis Kan


Platypus Theatre


Founded in Canada, the Platypus Theatre is a unique performing group active on the international music and theatre stages. They integrate music with theatre in a fanciful manner, weaving together fascinating storylines, fun and witty performances, and colourful stage design to popularise classical music to young audiences and let children grow their knowledge and cultivate their temperament in a cheerful setting. In this concert, we sincerely invite music lovers, adults or children, to see how Rhythm in your Rubbish “creates miracles”, transmuting the bottles, jars, dishes, and sandpaper discarded by us in everyday life into various instruments that together play out a wonderful serenade. Indeed, music is everywhere in our lives!

Approximately 1 hour, no interval

Suitable for those above 3 years old