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MGM and Macao Orchestra Special Present: Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times (POSTPONE)

Data: 9-11/04/2021 Friday ~ Sunday 8pm


Conductor/Timothy Brock

Timothy Brock

FOTO ULTIMA in Studio BROCK no credit

With Charlie Chaplin’s love for experimentation and persistence in filmmaking, he became the legacy of both pantomime and comedy, and had elevated and inspired the silent-film era in ways that one could have ever imagined. His remarkable silent comedy “Modern Times” allows us to appreciate the original scores composed, written and directed by Charlie Chaplin himself.
This season, Macao Orchestra (OM) is going to collaborate with MGM to present the “Charlie Chaplin-Modern Times” Film Concert at MGM Theater, Asia’s first dynamic theater. With revolutionary technology, the concert vows to electrify every senses of the audiences, and uplifts the entire experience to a whole new level. Even more, Timothy Brock, the leading authority on the film-scores of Charlie Chaplin, is going to conduct Macao Orchestra to awe the audiences with a multisensory experience of Chaplin’s work!

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, no interval

Ticketing information will be announced later.