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Great Symphonic Poems

Date: 02-02-2018 Friday 8pm

Venue: St.Dominic’s Church

Conductor/Lu Jia

Smetana: My Fatherland (Má Vlast)

Lu Jia

How to absorb Western music styles and techniques while combine with local music characteristics? This may be a life-long challenge faced by many non-Western composers in modern times. In this regard, the founding father of Czech nationalistic music, the 19th century Bohemian composer Bedrich Smetana set a paradigm with his extensive practice in music. His cycle of (six) symphonic poems My Fatherland, which portrays the glorious history, beautiful landscape and heroic characters of the composer’s native land, is the pinnacle of Smetana’s Czech music compositions, and a true expression of fervent patriotism and national pride. Because of its extra long duration and the high demand of performing technique, the complete interpretation is not often seen on concert stage. However, this time under the baton of Director Lu Jia, Macao Orchestra will interpret, in full length, the symphonic cycle of My Fatherland. Indeed a rare musical feast you can’t miss!

Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes, no interval

Admission with free ticket

Tickets will be distributed one hour before the performance at the concert venue. Distribution is limited to a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

Ticket reservation notice for “Friends of Macao Orchestra” will be announced on Wechat and by email.

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