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Children’s Day Concert: Conductor’s Spellbook

Date: 30-05-2020 Saturday

Cantonese Session  Time: 2:30pm  Narrator in Cantonese:Raymond Chan

English Session  Time: 5:30pm  Narrator in English:Paul Dooley

Venue: Macao Tower Auditorium

Conductor/Francis Kan

Paul Dooley: Conductor’s spell book

Francis Kan

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How is a conductor able to lead dozens of musicians with just the flick and twist of their hands? What secret lies in that ‘magic wand’ they wave? How do all the instruments in the orchestra emit sound and work together? All of these questions and more will be answered in American actor and composer Paul Dooley’s Conductor’sSpellbook. This musical performance is a story-telling, fun, educational and interactive experience created especially for children. Kids will accompany the main character Tony on a journey through a strange book of magic. With secrets of music to discover and instrument-commanding spells to learn, it’s an exciting musical adventure that children surely don’t want to miss!

Approximately 1 hour, no interval


MOP 120