Cultural Affairs Bureau cancels all activities scheduled for February, applications for filming permit and financial support for events remain open

In response to the ongoing outbreak of new coronavirus, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym), cancelled all external activities that are scheduled for February, and all cultural venues of the IC will remain closed until further notice.
The IC will arrange refunds for those who have purchased tickets for the shows from today to 31 May. Spectators with tickets for the following shows may contact the Macau Ticketing Network outlets for refund procedures when the epidemic is relieved: the Valentine’s Day Concert “Sentiments” – Lin Daye and Macao Chinese Orchestra on 8 February, the “Valentine’s Day Concert: Latin Passion” by the Macao Orchestra on 14 February, the dance show “Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier – Nijinsky” between 28 February and 1 March, and the concert “Enchanting Moments of Divertimento” by the Macao Orchestra on 29 February. Other shows with free admission, such as the concert “When Music Speaks” and “The Future of Classical Music” which originally scheduled on 8 February and 22 February respectively will be canceled, and “Musical Magic Wand” by the Macao Chinese Orchestra which originally scheduled on 22 February will be postponed.
All public libraries, museums and other cultural venues will remain closed and all activities that are scheduled to be held during this period will also be cancelled. During the closing period of the public libraries, the loan period for borrowed books will be extended accordingly. The self-service book return system at the libraries will be maintained. The IC will remain service to receive applications for filming permit. Residents can submit the duly completed advance notice (available for download on the IC’s website: and the necessary documents, by email to For enquiries, please contact IC through tel. no. 83996280.
Regarding the Subsidy Programme “Financial Support for Local Association Activities/ Cultural Projects Programme”, the applicants can submit their applications through IC’s “online application system”, without applying in person. During this period, the IC’s online system will generate the application form with the application date as the submission date, the requesting entities may also send the relevant information for assessment by email. For changes or reports on the related activities/ projects, the subsidized entities may explain the reason and request for extension by email if they are unable to submit the report within 30 days from the end of the activities or projects, without applying in person. For changes, submission of reports or enquiries, please email to
The open call for proposals from local bands, musicians and cultural and creative entities for this year’s “HUSH!! Full Music” Beach Concert and the video collection “Local View Power” will be postponed until 11:59pm on 21 February. Relevant applications can be scanned and submitted by email. For enquiries about “HUSH!! Full Music” Beach Concert and submission of documents, please email to; while for enquiries about “Local View Power” and submission of documents, please email to Attachments are limited to 8MB, if necessary, a download link can be attached.
The IC appeals to the cultural and artistic circles to work together to combat the epidemic, to cooperate with the MSAR Government’s epidemic implantation measures, as well as to avoid organizing events that involve a high concentration of people, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. For the updates, please visit IC’s website at, its official WeChat account “ICMacao” or “IC Art” page on Facebook.

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